Photograph of EARTH - SUN - MOON at the North Pole


Still . . . Point




Described by a geometry that does not manifest . . .

the 'Vector Equilibrium' . . . 12 points around One.

It is genesis of all that Is.

It is the Kabbalah's Point of Creation, Kether, at the top of the Tree of Life.

It is the interface between the Limitless Mind of God - or the Great Mystery -

and all of Creation.


It is the heart and most sacred of sacred geometry.

It has to do only with



This geometry does not manifest - while being the genesis of all that does . . .


has now been discovered to be symbolically embedded in the proportions of the

Earth, Moon and Sun.


Words cannot adequately express the importance of this.


There is no explanation for this in physics or in all of science.  There can be no new law in physics that could possibly explain this fact because it would have to explain not only this phenomena, but a myriad of other such unrelated 'coincidences' in our solar system.  It is absurdly outside the realm of chance or accident or coincidence.  It is not necessary for life.  There is only one other possible explanation.  Our solar system was created



by an evolved consciousness.


It is not possible here to explain all of evidence supporting this claim from other disciplines, or who or what is responsible, or what all the implications may be.  All of this is discussed in depth in the book



 Most importantly, this geometry is solely about consciousness . . . and is a gateway, or portal, to higher, more evolved reality.  There could be nothing more important to today's world than accessing the higher consciousness responsible for the creation of our solar system.

It is also clear that embedding this most important of information in the proportions of the three celestial bodies absolutely critical to our existence. . .  the Earth, Moon, and Sun   . . . was not done for 'information's sake', but is clearly a message . . . a message on the one hand making it clear beyond any doubt that this higher consciousness exists and is clearly inviting a response from us.  

It is also critical to note that the discovery of this primal geometry that
does not manifest anywhere in the observed Universe
is not discovery at the molecular level . . . as one might expect . . . but at a symbolic macro level. 
Clearly, it is a communication.  


This is not about so-called 'Intelligent Design' of fundamental religion,  and has nothing to do with what is normally referred to as 'God.'


This is entirely about the evolution of consciousness.


Following is the geometric proof that the Earth, Moon and Sun 'impossibly' express a symbolic expression of the Stillpoint geometry.


It begins here.


Earth - Moon Relationship

There is no explanation for this phenomenon in physics,
or, in fact, all of science.

It is not explained by mathematics or geometry.

Nothing like this is witnessed anywhere in the observed Universe.

It is absurdly outside of the realm of chance, accident or coincidence.

It is not necessary for life.

There is only one possibility remaining.


This was done intentionally.




Total Eclipse of the Sun by the Moon


Have you ever thought about it . . . wondered?  It is the background of our lives. 
It always was and is.  But why?  

The Sun just happens to be 400 times larger than the Moon,
while just happening to be exactly 400 times further away from Earth than the Moon at the time of total eclipse. 

Science tells us that this is a 'happy coincidence'.  It's not.

It's not like anything else witnessed in the observed Universe
or with any of the other 65 major moons in our solar system. 

But why?

The answer to both of these questions of why? is that these phenomena are expressions of the most sacred geometry known . . . the Stillpoint, Vector Equilibrium, Flower of Life geometry . . . the geometry of consciousness and the interface between the implicate world, sometimes called the Mind of God, and the explicate world that we live and die in . . . and because this is a profoundly sophisticated communication to us about consciousness.


The Sphere/Octahedron interface

The Vector Equilibrium is created through the intersection of the Sphere with the midpoints of the edges of the Octahedron (twelve points around one) - the purest expression of the perfect balance of polarities that describe the Universe.  

In sacred-geometrical terms, it is the joining of Spirit (Sphere) with Form (Octahedron).



The Vector Equilibrium - Torus

The torus is the way energy moves throughout the Universe, and perhaps the shape of the Universe itself. . .

with the Stillpoint at its center.


The animation that follows was created by Dugan Hammock, music by Explosions in the Sky.

It demonstrates the geometric proof that the Earth, Moon and Sun
express the geometry of the most sacred and most fundamental geometry there is-
the Stillpoint, Vector Equilibrium - or Flower of Life Geometry.

A geometry that does not manifest


After orienting us to the infinite scale of the Universe, in particular our own solar system,
the animation begins with the construction of the Earth/Moon diagram seen above.

The diagram then morphs into the Stillpoint geometry by choosing
the Moon as the 1st Layer Sphere.

An Octahedron is then constructed tangent to the 3rd Layer Sphere at its faces.
The Octahedron is then rotated 45 degrees and the 3rd Layer Sphere
is enlarged to be tangent to the midpoints of the edges of the Octahedron (seen above),
creating the Vector Equilibrium . . . 12 points around a central point,
all distances (vectors) between points being equal.


This larger Circle, or Sphere, is the circumference of Earth.


(2D geometric proof below animation)




Seen in 2 dimensions, the original Sphere, the 1st Layer, is dimensioned to the diameter of the Moon.
The 3rd layer sphere is accented.
The center of this matrix is the Stillpoint . . . and is everywhere.
This original sphere is multiplied in all directions through the Flower of Life/Stillpoint geometry . . .
12 point/spheres around the central point to infinity.  
If the original sphere is considered to be the 1st Layer,
all of the related layers of interpentetrating spheres are multiples of the original:
1st Layer, 2nd Layer, 3rd Layer, etc.
The 400th layer sphere is the diameter of the Sun.


The original 64 interpenetrating Spheres around the original point, the Stillpoint,
similar to the 64-cell stage of our own experience 7 days after conception.
Each of the Spheres circumscribes a tetrahedron.
The tetrahedrons embedded within each sphere orient the geometry . . .
culminating in the double-penetrating 'star tetrahedron,'
represented in two dimensions by the ‘Star of David’ geometry, depicted below.
The Kabbalah’s Tree of Life and the Chinese I Ching are derived from this geometry.


Here is the introduction of an Octahedron tangent to the 3rd layer sphere at its faces.
Within this 3rd layer sphere, two Tetranhedrons are also introduced
with the axis of each tetrahedron aligned with the vertical axis. 
If a sphere is created that is tangent to the two horizontal planes of the Tetrahedrons –
which intersect the 3rd layer sphere at 19.47 degrees –
the diameter is that of the 1st layer sphere – in this case, the Moon.



Here the Flower of Life is added, showing how the

3rd layer sphere is derived.



An Octahedron circumscribes the 3rd layer sphere, the faces of the

Octahedron tangent to the sphere.


The same Octahedron from a different angle, from a corner, with the addition of another, larger sphere, tangent to the midpoints of the edges of the Octahedron. The diameter of this sphere is that of the Earth.

The 12 points of the intersection between this Earth Sphere and the Octahedron
is the Vector Equilibrium (Sphere-Octahedron graphic above).
Both the Flower of Life, and the Vector Equilibrium generated
by the intersection of the Octahedron and Earth sphere,
are expressions of the geometry of the Stillpoint.





And ‘we arrive where we started . . .’


It would be a mistake to confuse this with any story you have ever heard, or to dismiss it because there 'just must be some logical reason for this.'   Science calls all of this 'random' . . . all happening by accident or chance.   I think it's clear that this is not coincidental.  What has been shared here is only the beginning of the most unimaginable, amazing story I could have imagined, was I capable.


The Stillpoint Geometry found at the Heart of our Solar System is a Message
to us about accessing awakened consciousness.


The entire solar system displays similar, totally unexplained geometric phenomena.  The following images are from John Martineau's remarkable and beautiful 2001 book called A Little Book of Coincidence in the Solar System.

It is my belief that the planets represent Universal archetypes,
whose precise geometrical relationships imprint our lives at birth.


This is not creation happening in the 'natural' way.

It is learned.

It is intentional.


The unexplained geometric relationship between the orbits of Earth and Venus.


The unexplained geometric relationship between the orbits of Earth and Mercury.


These relationships between the planetary orbits from A Little Book of Coincidence go on and on. 

Long before the age of the computer, in 1596 Johannes Kepler discovered that the five Platonic Solids
fit perfectly into the mean orbits of the six inner planets. 
Science long ago dismissed his discovery because it turned out that the orbits are slightly elliptical . . .
but their eccentricity is but thousandth's from being a perfect circle,
and Kepler's discovery remains.


The Nesting of the Platonic Solids in the Orbits of the Planets

(From Johann Kepler's Mysterium Cosmographicum . . . 1596)


From physicist Lee Smolin’s The Trouble with Physics:

‘The Cube is a perfect kind of solid, for each side is the same as every other side,
and each edge is the same length as all the other edges. 
Such solids are called Platonic solids.  How many are there?  Exactly five:
besides the Cube, there is the Tetrahedron, the Octahedron,
the Dodecahedron, and the Icosahedron. 

It didn't take Kepler long to make an amazing discovery. 
Embed the orbit of Earth in a Sphere. 
Fit a Dodecahedron around the Sphere.  Put a sphere over that. 
The orbit of Mars fits on that Sphere. 
Put the tetrahedron around that Sphere, and another Sphere around the tetrahedron. 
Jupiter fits on that Sphere. 
Around Jupiter’s orbit is the Cube, with Saturn beyond. 
Inside Earth's orbit, Kepler placed the Icosahedron, about which Venus orbited,
and with Venus's orbit was the Octahedron, for Mercury.'


From Christopher Knight and Alan Butler's 2005 book Who Built the Moon?




From Ervin Laszlo's Akashic Field:

‘A paradigm-shift is driven by the accumulation of observations that do not fit
the accepted theories and cannot be made to fit by the mere extension of those theories. 
The stage is set for a new and more adequate scientific paradigm. 
The challenge is to find the fundamental, and fundamentally new, concepts
that form the substance of the new paradigm. 

A theory based on [this new paradigm] must enable scientists to explain all the findings
covered by the previous theory and must also explain the anomalous observation. 
It must integrate all the relevant facts in a simpler
and yet more encompassing and powerful concept.’


This site is an introduction to the almost incomprehensible discovery that our solar system was created intentionally by an evolved higher consciousness . . .


For the acceleration of the evolution of consciousness.



It decodes a message
intentionally embedded in the distant

 A blueprint
from the implicate world
. . .
to bring Spirit into Form . . .
creating an access to this
higher consciousness



(The complete story is found in the book
Stillpoint: The Geometry of Consciousness)


Evolving consciousness is responsible for all that is.  
‘God’ did not come ready-made, omnipotent and omniscient.
He/she/it is . . . we
. . .

. . . in the process of growing,
of learning how to be this
fully awakened, fully aware,

compassionate pure


We have evolved far past our present level of collective consciousness.
In fact, out of this eons long process
of awakening
has emerged a very hard-earned compassion,
hand-in-hand with the pure,
awakened awareness
of the unity of everything that is . . .

The awareness that we are




More . . . this almost infinitely evolved consciousness
relative to
our own, is acting in bodhisattvic fashion -
outside the normal expression of indifference we witness from the Universe.

This is a compassionate expression.

This is the intentionally created and enlivened
(within this
meticulously and methodically learned Universe)
 dance of matter and
energy and archetype called the solar system

for the acceleration of the evolution of

This same consciousness has embedded the most sacred and profound
information it has to share -

- the very heart of sacred geometry . . . a geometry that does not manifest . . .
in the most unlikely (‘scientifically’ speaking) of places -

The dimensions of the Earth, Moon and Sun

- so that it could not be ignored.  

I believe that this was done so that evolving humanity
would discover it

and use it

accessing higher consciousness.


Precisely when evolving humanity needed it the most.