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Dragon Rock Outcropping . . . North Alcove of Temple

                                                                           Owens Valley Sky Spirit

                                                                          Owens Valley Sky Spirit


From Ervin Laszlo's Akashic Field:

‘At this crucial juncture in the evolution of human civilization it would be of particular importance to cultivate our long-neglected faculty for accessing the in-formation conserved in the Akashic field.   We would not only develop closer ties to each other and to nature; we might also gain crucial insights into ways to cope with the problems of our technologically evolved but largely rudderless civilization . . . . the civilizations that met this challenge found ways to achieve a condition of sustainability. What ways did they find?   The answer must be in the Akashic field. Accessing it would be to our advantage . . . this could make the crucial difference between bumbling along in a fateful gamble with trial and error, and moving with intuitive wisdom toward the dynamically harmonized sustainable conditions that more mature civilizations have already achieved on their home planets . . . . Consciousness evolution is from the ego-bound to the transpersonal form.   If this is so, it is a source of great hope . . . [that] could have momentous consequences.   It could produce greater empathy among people, and greater sensitivity to animals, plants, and the entire biosphere . . . when a critical mass of humans evolves to the transpersonal level of consciousness a higher civilization is likely to emerge . . .’


From Ervin Laszlo's Quantum Shift

This quantum shift in the global brain is humanity’s best chance. Margaret Mead said, ‘Never doubt the power of a small group of people to change the world. Nothing else ever has.’  Small groups of people with an evolved consciousness will change the world – if they grow into a critical mass in time.  There could not be a nobler or more important task in our day than to empower this evolution.’



‘Tourbillons, or vortexes, are astral creations of force which are the bases of all astro-mental realizations. Tradition ascribes the funnel like forms to them. Knowledge of the laws ruling over the tourbillons and their construction is one of the foremost principles of magic. The most guarded secrets of Hermetic magic are: finding the point of support for the tourbillon on the physical plane, and the formula of transition from the astral to the physical world.’

Mouni Sadhu: The Tarot





A temple is born.

A womb

  Pregnant with the seed of Eternal Stillness

  A hill in the desert.  Still.  Silent.

      A prayer.



Vibration/frequency/resonance . . . . . . and Love

. . . emerging from the Great Silence


Earth to Sky to Earth to Sky to Earth to Sky to Earth to Sky to Earth




A lightning rod.  
Acupuncture of ancient standing stones.   
Release and reception of energy between Earth and Sky. 
Conscious connection.  


Resonator . . .  Amplifier, Accelerator, Transmitter


Everything that is vibrates.  Everything has a frequency.


The temple is tuned to Earth's frequency . . . the Schumann Resonance.



Energy Systems


The temple is an electromagnetic-torus field-vortex centered on a consciously created, still, point - the ultimate portal - charging and being charged by a quartz crystal, vector equilibrium matrix . . . a resonator, an accelerator, an amplifier, an accumulator and transmitter of elevated human thought forms and prayer -
as well as a transmitter of the powerful ‘attractor field’ of the evolved bodhisattvic consciousness.  

I have always seen the normal use of the temple . . . for meditation and prayer . . . as secondary and minor as compared to opening this portal, making pure awareness powerfully available and influential on this plane through resonance – everything has a frequency - the invocation and transmission.  

But if it is true that: ‘The influence of a very few individuals of advanced consciousness counterbalances whole populations at the lower levels’ - then this secondary function is now also critical in importance.  That is, if a loving or enlightened thought is almost infinitely more powerful than a hateful or envious thought, how compelling would the exponentially powerful meditations and prayers of hundreds of focused, spiritually expanded people be in a technology based upon the original archetype of the Alpha and Omega, and created to expand and amplify and transmit these thought forms be?



From John Michell's Dimensions of Paradise: 

'[The legendary] Temple of Solomon was designed on the principle that 'like attracts like,' on the understanding, as Plotinus put it, that if one wishes to attract any aspect of the universal spirit one must create a receptacle in its image . . . . the symbolic features of the temple were intended to assist the purpose for which the building was designed, as an instrument of invocation . . . [and] the legend and symbolism of, for example, the temple at Jerusalem indicate that two forms of natural energy were involved, one terrestrial, the other from the atmosphere. Through the ritual fusion of these two elements at certain seasons, a spirit was generated and spread like an enchantment from the temple . . . . [functioning as] an alchemical generator and storehouse of sacred energy . . . . [performing] the sacred marriage of the electrical current from the atmosphere [with] the magnetic current of the Earth, the mercurial, serpentine spirit which corresponds in the life-system of the planet to the subtle energies of the human body.'


A Lightening Rod . . . Grounded to Earth



Grandfather's Heart


West to East Section



20 Ton Black Granite Omphalos - Fountain

The Stillpoint upon which all of the geometry and form of the temple is centered on is implied by the concavity at the top of this megalithic grounding stone.

Traditionally, the omphalos is – 'the navel, umbilicus, the central point.'i The omphalos designates the center, as well as the power center of the temple.   It is‘. . . the primeval mound, the central stone, and its encompassing temple then becomes a source of initiation and knowledge . . . the omphalos is the sacred pillar marking all at once the primeval mound, the umbilical cord with a creator god, and a place where the knowledge can be sourced . . . the place where the power of the land meets the descending power of a god serving as a focal point of energy.’

Quote from Common Wealth, Freddy Silva, 2010.



The temple consists of two archetypal forms:  the Phi, or Great, Pyramid and a double torus lower roof . . . rafters rising in one direction, stainless steel cables rising in the other direction.  The helices are based upon the Golden Ratio.  All forms are proportioned to the Stillpoint geometry and particularly scaled to the dimensions of the Earth and Moon.


Floor Plan

The orientation of the temple is as a medicine wheel - the never-ending cycle of life       bound to the four directions. The entrance, as in Native American traditions, faces east because, in Black Elk’s words, ‘It is from this direction that the light of wisdom comes.’    It is towards the east that the Earth rotates and for this reason it also feels correct that the entrance opens to face that direction and align with that movement – and to face the Sun at first light.

‘Orienting the temple to the energy of specific creative processes enhances the action taking place inside the sacred space. The orientation is typically defined by the direction in which the entrance faces, for it welcomes the energy into the temple’s inner sanctum . . . . Entrances in the east symbolically face the light of the reborn Sun.   Such temples benefit from the purified morning air, and thus represent that element.   Dawn is the awakening from darkness, the Sun emanating out of the underworld, the light returning to the land, hence these are temples associated with enlightenment.'

From Common Wealth, Freddy Silva, 2010.


Reflected Ceiling Plan